Web Search Experiment

By ranfanranfan (1253724303|%a, %b %e at %I:%M%p)

My "home" search engine: Google

Query: "student credit card" +"cash back" +"no annual fees"
Good returns: those that cards or reviews multiple cards that fit the criteria of both no annual fee and cash back programs
Less useful: Sites containing lack of information about the different cards or links me to a general page without specific student cards

Data Your value
Ask precision 6
Bing precision 6
Google precision 7
Yahoo precision 5
Overlap(A,B) 2
Overlap(A,G) 6
Overlap(A,Y) 1
Overlap(B,G) 2
Overlap(B,Y) 0
Overlap(G,Y) 1
Overlap(A,B,G,Y) 0

Google Results
Bing Results
Yahoo! Results
Ask.com Results

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