Class 12

Short report with lots of pointers

News: this is the event…

Class 12 Exercises:

#bit330 Google Scholar: 5: True to Google form, it has a lot of filtering functions. Wish it offered some help in refining search query.

#bit330 Scirus: 7: Like the ability to easily filter from left bar though wish I could choose my own journals and separate by category like Google Scholar.

#bit330 IncyWincy: 6: Thought the category breakdown didn’t make a lot of sense for all searches. There’s a lot of ad space -.-‘’

#bit330 DeepDyve: 9: Unique function such as “more like this” and ability to save returns - like the option of viewing “details” within site

#bit330 UM Lib: 7: good for UM students.. I thought we were in the process of scanning books as well, wish it gave excerpts.

#bit330 Google Books: 6: Despite copyright issues, it’s a very useful tools for getting excerpts from books

#bit330 Amazon Adv: 5: More useful for someone who knows what they want to buy and want read reactions from readers; not good for info search

#bit330 WorldCat: 8: good refined search functions – by year, format, etc. Will tell you where nearest copy is available.

#bit330 biznar: 6: like the limit to functions that allowed to narrow down by specific websites, don’t know what all of them are though haha, left bar is confusing

#bit330 bnet: 4: usually love bnet for management articles, but returned surprisingly few results on my project topic.. now it’s not even loading

Resource evaluations: specific content bearing sites – e.g. businessweek, NOT google

tutorial on how to use resources , when to use google, google scholar etc. what it produces

Class 12:

SURFACE WEB – html, html, pdf available to u at surface

DEEP WEB / HIDDEN WEB – query forms with doc behind them — 60 of largest deep web contain 750 TB

300,000 queriable databases out there

Google doesn’t go to those data

Deep Web Search Engine

Comprehensive: getting enough of all the journals/websites u’d like it to reach
Integrated: be able to understand all the forms and search by title, author, etc., want it to work well with all engines (how well it works) – specialize queries, get good answers
Transparent: you know what u are searching – know which journals it use / which sites it accesses
Analysis in pieces

Demo: show what’s necessary

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