Custom Search Engine


Custom Search Engines allows anyone to create their own search engine by themselves. I used Google Custom Search Engine.

Google Custom Search Engine is a personalized search tool that uses Google's search engine (as the back end) but that you can instruct the following ways:

  • Look in a certain list of URLs (pages, whole sites, or subsets of sites)
  • Avoid a certain list of URLs
  • Append a set of terms to any user-supplied query
  • Customize its looks (within bounds)

Here's my custom search engine. Also accessible on the Home Page

I placed it under the current event tab with the intention of helping you, my replacement, continue with this project. Instead of searching on the World Wide Web, you will only be searching the web through the sources that I inputted into the search engine.


What you can expect to find on the back end are some of the sites I evaluted in Resource Evaluations

Google Custom Search uses keywords in part of its filtering process. They describe the search engine's content or subject matter. Google uses this information to tune your search results to ensure they are as relevant as possible and to promote the most relevant pages for your search engine. Some of the keywords for this engine are: [coffee] & ["coffee industry"]. I did not want to limit the results by putting in too many key words.

Below are some of the websites in my custom search engine and why I chose it.

  1. BNET Starbucks Profile - has a lot of good information about Starbucks management
  2. Businessweek Starbucks - it narrows down the content of Businessweek to just news and blogs concerning Starbucks
  3. Google News - Contains a compilation of news from multiple sources
  4. Blog:Starbucks Gossip - This is a good blog
  5. Blog:Coffee News - This blog compiles a list of recent news in the coffee industry from around the world

Other Blogs and Sites


Less specific sites I put in my Custom Search Engine Includes



You cannot access my custom search engine's backend, but you can build your own here. And use the one I built to search here. You can access it by clicking on the Current Events Tab at the top of the page.


Once every two weeks. I usually compile a list of useful websites. and go in once in a while to update the resources that the search engine looks through. I would suggest that you use this engine frequently yourself, especially during the initial stages of your project.


You, as the end user, should be the one helping me evaluate my custom search engine! I put in a combination of news sites, blogs etc. to maximize the area of coverage. Of course, I guess the downside of a custom search engine is that there are probably lot more good sites out there than I will ever be able to contribute. So maybe you think it is worth it to weed through everything out there than to just rely on the information from the websites that I have provided you. Personally though, I think this is a great tool and I believe in the sites that I have inputted, so I will give it a 9/10. I conducted several searches of my own [starbucks news] [coffee news] within the search engine and was very happy that every results was relevant.

Other Build Your Own Search Engine Sites

One day, you may leave this job as well. When you are leaving behind your work for your replacement, you can also consider these other custom search engines that do similar things.

  1. Topicle
  2. Eurekster Swicki
  3. Rollyo
  4. Google Custom Search Engine
  5. BuildASearch
  6. Yahoo Search BOSS
Go here for an index of all the tools I used.
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