Image Search

Frequency: I visited this site about once a week after discovering it even though I didn't need pictures that often. It offers beautiful pictures that are very different than traditional image searches. They are more "artist" and so very suitable for long periods of just browsing.
Information: CompFight is a Flickr image search tool. It lets you search thousands of photos on the photo-sharing site Flickr that are licensed under Creative Commons for non-commercial use.The interface is simple and shows a huge amount of photos at once, which is one advantage over other photo sites.
Query: Below are some queries I like to browse for this project.

  • Coffee: over 1.2 million results and just look at the screenshot below, all the pictures are very different from each other.
  • Starbucks: You would think that just a Starbucks search would simply return a bunch of boring logos. But nope! There are pictures of toys, staff that perfectly portray the Starbucks ambiance etc.

Evaluation: (6/10) This is a great image search site but does not provide too much additional information for this project in particular. Also, although I love the images, I think the filtering of the site could be much better.
Miscellaneous: You can read this blog I wrote for more detailed comparisons.

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