News Search

Importance of News Search

News search is probably the most vital part of what I've done for this project thus far. You can see my Shared RSS Feeds here and summary of on-going events here.

In this world of digitization, up to date news is right at our fingertips.

Here are some other news search engines:
* AltaVista News
* LexisNexis News
* Jamesoo

Below I review three of the news sites I used to gather information.

Name: Google News
Access: Google News
I did not access the news stories by doing a search every time, instead I subscribed to several search feeds from the GOogle News feature: One is just Starbucks. The other is US Coffee.
Frequency: I read the feed alerts everyday.
Information: Google's News Search is very intuitive to use. It allows narrowing down by topic like world, US, business, health etc. For more advanced searches, you can go here

Other related Google include these:

  • You can also read headlines
  • "View news" through Google Fast Flip.
  • Conduct Archive Search, I conducted one for Starbucks which allows me to look at story trends or look at a particular time period.


  • Starbucks: An example would be just a simple Starbucks query because this is the company leading the industry in terms of innovation. Although I have McCafe, I can get news aout it through subscriptions to specific news sites. This way, I don't get 10 different sources all telling me the same thing as I might for Google News.

Evaluation: (7/10) I completely trust Google News to provide me wide coverage and depth in terms of articles. However, it is difficult to filter out random posts with the word coffee in it. Without having to put in a lengthy query to be more specific, I cannot get a good overview of news in the coffee industry.

  • Google's ads to the right side of the screen is very abundance in News Search. It keeps tempting me to buy coffee. Hmmm… coffee. I wonder when search engines and computers will start to emit smells to attract consumers.
  • How to search Google News Search more efficiently
Go here for an index of all the tools I used.
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