Other Search Tools

There are other types of search tools that exist which I did not utilize in this project. However, I want to introduce you to them because they may come into good use later on. This is not a comprehensive list.

Real Time Search

Regular search is already very fast to the extent that something like news is almost real-time. But this category of real time search looks at social networking sites like Twitter and uses the power of the masses to figure out what is "hot" right now.

  1. Scoopler (about)
  2. OneRiot (about)
  3. Collecta — realtime search for blog posts, articles, comments, twitter, flickr, twitpic, youtube
  4. MicroPlaza — "welcome to your personal micro-news agency. Discover relevant information filtered by the people you follow."
  5. Surchur — "the dashboard to right now";
  6. Addict-o-matic — "inhale the web"
  7. Yauba — search that tries to be all things to all people

Here are some Twitter focused sites

  1. FeedMil
  2. Topsy — "a search engine powered by tweets"
  3. Tweetzi (help) — "real-time Twitter search & trends"
  4. TweetMeme — "hottest links on twitter"
  5. CrowdEye — "what all the twitter is about"

Twitter trends

  1. TwitScoop
  2. Twazzup — "search twitter. get real insights."
  3. Twopular — "trends on Twitter aggregator"

Meta Search Engine

Meta Search Engines search from other search engines. There are two types:

  1. Integrated search for multiple search engines : the meta-search engine uses an algorithm to combine the results from multiple search engines into one result list
  2. Unified interface for separate search engines : the meta-search engine provides a single interface, enabling easy and quick switching between the results of different search engines

Integrated search for multiple search engines

  1. Info.com
  2. StartPage
  3. Search.com
  4. Clusty
  5. DogPile
  6. URL.com
  7. Scour

Unified interface for separate search engines

  1. Soovle
  2. Search.IO
  3. Joongel
  4. Zuula
  5. LeapFish
  6. Kosmix
Go here for an index of all the tools I used.
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