Page Change Alert

Sample Watch that Page Alerts

These are some emails I've received for the sites below that I am subscribed to from my WatchThatPage account.


Dec. 7 Email


This is a portion of the WatchThatPage notification I received telling me that five sites have changed. This portion only lists some of the changes that occurred on BusinessWeek. This was the site that I subscribed to, a search for "coffee industry" on the website. It was not the best choice considering one would think it changes frequently, but I wanted to compare how I feel about using this tool as opposed to RSS. Now I can say that I MUCH prefer RSS feeds for pages that change this frequently because it is much easier to just browse through articles instead of having to look at all these ugly links and then jumping back and forth between email and the site.

Nov. 23 Email


From this, you can see how NOT pleasing the visual effects of the alert is. In this alert, two pages changed, but it took but a good 2 minutes to find the place in the email that differentiated the first site from the second. Even though the title of the change / sometimes a blurb is there, it doesn't make it much better.

Nov. 16 Email


This is a good example of the "blurb" description. But just reading the blurb, I can't place it within any context.

Go to the Change Notification Tools Tutorial to read more about what this tool is and my review of it.

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