Search Engine Demostration

On this page is the demonstration of Scoopler's site
I will walk you through the features available on the site. Feel free to click along with your own search results as you read. Playing around with Scoopler is the best way to learn.

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I'm going to walk through Scoopler, a real time search engine. I will tell you about the layout of the main pages and conduct a sample search to show you what is available.


Home Page

The home page has the discovery bar which I will talk about below, a list of the top seven hot topics, and top photos, and top videos.


Discovery Bar


Let’s talk about the discovery bar, which has a couple of components

  • The header banner at the top of every page has the Hottest Topic - which scrolling hot topics unless you mouse over the banner, it’ll show the entire list. This is the same list as what's on the home page
  • To the right of it, there is a “My Searches” – the most recent six at least.
  • Below it, there’s the “discovery bar” With the tabs:
  • The third component is just the search bar

Sample Search & Results

First, let's run through a sample search. I conducted a search for “starbucks”


The page is presented in the format above. This is the format of every search on this site.

To the right are “live” feeds, which is comprised mostly of Twitter feeds, but also has delicious, digg, etc. unless you pause them, they will keep updating unless you “pause” them.

Most of the results from Scoopler are from Twitter at any given time, however, searching for less popular search terms return results from other sources.

To the left side of the screen are other returns like websites, youtube videos, images. You can view “all content” or break it down more by “videos”, “links”, “images”. There is an example of each category later on in this demo.

There's also a "share" function for the entire page with 70 options like Facebook and Twitter. Clicking on the link in the search results will take the user to the page that is being shared.

Good Features

A feature I really like is the “peek” function. For all results on the left and live results like twits with links in them, the peek function opens up a window within the page that’ll let you view the page or video or image. This is great b/c it allows me to view videos and browse pages without opening a new page and then going back. I can look at it, then exit, and continue browsing.


I can also “share” any of the search results and I think all live results except twits without links by clicking the “share” option that appears when I mouse over. There’s a HUGE selection, but the most important ones like facebook/retweet/digg are all on there. I can’t seem to “retweet” twits without links though. There’s also an option to share the entire page.


This site seems to be more for “exploring” than researching. There’s no option to sort search results. It is definitely by date with the number of shares - I presume the time is the time last updated and the number of shares. It appears that both are taken into consideration. It doesn’t rank JUST by most recent or most number of shares. So for instance, 43 shares posted four hours ago will fall after 22 shares posted two hours ago but before a result posted 3 hours ago with only 11 shares for instance.

Thoughts on Purpose of Engine: Discovery

Since this site seems to be mostly for discovery, I think the discovery ‘tab’ are most interesting. You can go through the categories and just browse what’s “hot” right now. It certainly is fitting of its name as a “real time search engine”. It’s interesting to explore through the many categories and just see what’s “hot” right now. For instance.. . All Trending shows “EVERYTHING”. As a business student, I of course browsed the World and Business category.

World and Business - A Subcategory

All Content


Videos Only


Links Only


Images Only


It has some good articles from the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo! News. The links didn't update very often though, or perhaps the "shares" sorting pushed them to the back. I wish there was an option to search within the results to narrow them down more.

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Because this is a relatively new site, I would definitely suggest subscribing to the RSS Feeds of the blog here.


I think the site is pretty simple to use in terms of interface, I hope the demo helped you discover some cool features.

If you want to read more, you can find the analysis of the search engine here. You can also find the comparison to other search engine here

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