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What is this Wiki for? And who am I?
My name is Ran Fan, and I am a junior at the University of Michigan studying business. Currently, I am taking a course, BIT 330: Web-Based Information Retrieval taught by Professor Moore

I am interested in the consulting industry and interned with Hewitt Associations last summer. Currently, I am trying my best to find another consulting internship. In my free time, I enjoy music (especially Chinese pop - favorite artist Leehom Wang) and photography (my lovely camera).

In BIT330, I learned about resources that guide information search and retrieval. We have tweeted, written blog posts, thoroughly analyzed a search engine of our choice, and this wiki is the ultimate demonstration of everything we have learned. It is my term project designed to demonstrate that I know my stuff!

What is the objective of this term project?

The scenario for this project is this: I am an industry analyst who has had the responsibility for a specific topic. I have just found out that at the end of the year I are getting a promotion and that a new person is going to take over responsibility for my industry. The only problem is that I am not going to get to meet her — in January when she arrives I will already be off to my new position. I am writing this report as a way of conveying my knowledge of the industry to the new analyst.

So on this site, you will find very little actual analysis about the coffee industry. Instead, you will find a lot of resource tutorials (look under the tutorials tab) that will guide you through all the tools that helped me gather information.

Here are a couple of useful places to go:

  1. Industry Background
  2. Read my Shared RSS Feeds
  3. Learn how to continue my work

You can always return to the home page by clicking Welcome Page to the left, the coffee image right above it, or the US Coffee Industry Banner at the top.

If you are Professor Moore, please read this. I hope you find this wiki sweet!

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